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Lists [Feb. 28th, 2013|01:29 pm]
Good things that have happened since yesterday:
1) Got the 5-year old who hates reading to be into a book. (High fives were involved on every page.) Complimented by a supervisor on getting her to read.
2) E-mailed Rene about an accounting internship next quarter, since I'll only be taking three classes and I would love to get some accounting job experience on my resume.
3) Got the next three months of tuition fees sorted out with Dad who says I'm managing my life well and he's proud of me.
4) Ordered my Spring Quarter parking permit.
5) Melissa says that she's got tons of work too, don't worry about not having the coffee quilts done already, "soon" is good enough. (I'm still going to spend Saturday after my Stats midterm working on them as a treat to myself, and hopefully get them in the mail early next week.)
6) Have been accepted to PSU. Financial Aid is still processing my application. Dad says if loans have high interest rates we can work something out, but Jessica seems to think I have a decent chance at getting a good deal since I didn't use any federal money the first time I went to college.
7) Tax return money came.

Yet to do:
- Study my ass off for the Statistics midterm on Saturday. I think that I have my confusion narrowed down to chapter 17: probabilities, so do some extra homework exercises from the end of that chapter and review the answer keys to the quizzes. Write out sentences explaining why and what is going on.
- Microeconomics HW and Quiz (should be about 2-3 hours)
- After Stats midterm finish up my coffee quilts.
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Well, it certainly has been a while. [Feb. 28th, 2013|01:27 pm]
It's been a rough few months, and this week is manageable but is just feeling really hard. I need to post a list of accomplishments so I feel better about it, and even though I rarely use it, I do have a place to post things that I want to feel good about. I suppose for posterity I should post the quick list of what's been happening.

August 1st, 2011 - Moved to Portland, OR with good friends Jessica and Tim.

May 1st, 2012 - Got hired by Powell's City of Books. Finally realized the dream I've had since college of working at a bookstore, even if it is entry-level customer service.
June 28th, 2012 - Laid off from the Netflix Call Center along with about 1/5 of their workforce.
August 2, 2012 - Met Ian. 8 hour first date spanning two movies, Dark Night Rises and Total Recall.
August 23rd, 2012 - Tim and Jess (my roommates) got married. Fun was had by all.
September 2012 - After not finding a job, I decided to go back to school for accounting. Enrolled in the 4 classes necessary to earn an Entry Level Accounting Certificate, plus Payroll Accounting just for funsies. (Full time students take three classes/quarter. I took 5.)
  - Started volunteering to read 1 hr a week with 5 year olds at the local elementary school to give them some one-on-one time to make reading fun. Ended up partnered with the girl who hates reading because it's hard, she doesn't know her ABCs, wants water, wants to go to the bathroom, doesn't know what she sees on the page, wants a different book, wants to say hi to her friends, etc, and the lively little bossypants who is sharp as a knifepoint and must have something going on because she constantly needs to assert her dominance. Both are fantastically wonderful little kids; both are rather challenging to read to.
December 2012 - Decided to continue pursuing accounting and applied to Portland State University's Post-baccalaureate program to get a second bachelors degree. Basically, it's waving Gen Ed courses because if you have one degree you already took breadth requirements. Accounting is a one-year program, requires that I take three more accounting classes, Stats I & II, and Micro- and Macroeconomics before being admitted into the program. Decide to keep going to community college for my 7 prerequisites and apply for PSU Fall 2013. Use Jessica's Cliffnotes books of Algebra I and II to re-teach myself two years of high school algebra in 10 days in order to place into Stats I.
  - Also found out for my Entry Level Accounting Certificate I have to take "Career Planning" - a no-unit class that shows that if I'm taking classes as part of a career change that I do in fact know how to write a resume and get through an interview. Since I already do, the teacher very kindly agreed to meet with me once a week on an individual basis so that we can cover the syllabus of the class but at my skill level. What I got was Rene, an awesome Dr. Who fan who cheered me on with job and career goals and gave really helpful advice on how to tighten my resume now that I'm looking for more high-level stuff than my usual customer service gigs.
Christmas 2012 - Ian met my family, formally proposed to him after a month of trying to get him to take the damn ring. (He insisted on talking to my folks first, even if it was asking for permission to say yes rather than permission to ask me.

January 2013 - My good friend Melissa who quilts all my quilts on her long arm quilting machine told me her fave coffee shop is expanding, do I want to contribute to a quilt show there? We're thinking coffee-themed wall hangings. I would love to! In all my free time . . .
  - Signed up for another 5 classes; both econ prereqs, an accounting class, Stats I and 10-key (it was only 1 unit and seems like a useful skill.)
  - Ian gets fired from his job for making a stupid mistake. Since he was fired with cause, no unemployment.
  - Ian and I decide to have a 100 person wedding in his cousin's acre backyard, wedding plans begin.
February 2013 - Nina visits and meets Ian's parents and some of his aunts/uncles/cousins, more wedding plans and opinions and thoughts. With everything that's going on, I start to slack on my Stats class and drop from an 87% to a 77% grade after bombing the second midterm. Frustrated that it's hard and I'm doing poorly, I struggle to get motivated enough to catch up, the result being that my coming midterm this Saturday is a serious stresser. (Hence the LJ updates rather than studying. Five year olds aren't the only ones good at procrastinating.) Also, I'm maintaining A's in accounting and Microeconomics, a high B in Macroeconomics and passing the 10-key class (it's graded on a pass/fail basis). Went out and bought a Cliffnotes book of Statistics to help me pinpoint where I'm struggling so I know what to study up on and reinforce what I do know.
  - Battle fear that Ian will never find a job again and become like his roommate, who sits on the couch all day and generally refuses to leave the house and waits for a judge to rule in favor of giving him disability because of his various personality disorders, which he will live off of for the rest of his life because he "can't" work. Talk to Ian about these fears, he assures me that he will find a job and not become like his roommate. Relax. Get pissed off by his roommate's poor social skills (read: being a dick), get nervous again about Ian becoming like his roommate. Talk again. Am reassured again. Wonder if I should get a full time job so that there is income, feel guilty for not wanting to get a full time job while still in school and planning to be in school for the next year and a half. Ian tells me not to get a job, it will make me crazy, he will find something, it's only been a month. I struggle with my own control issues and how much of this situation is outside of anything that I can influence. Ian and I talk more.
  - Apply for a full-time position at Powell's as an Inventory Specialist. They end up hiring someone who ran inventory at both Barnes & Noble and his local library, but told me of all the applicants I was the most fun to interview and the one who got the interview process the most, and should definitely apply for more higher up positions since I was clearly smart and could be an asset with the company.
  - Set a self-imposed deadline of finishing the Coffee Quilts by the end of February. Find an easy and awesome looking pattern, adapt it, make two in the same pattern (easier than coming up with a whole new pattern and this way I have two).
  - Get a nasty cold on the free day I set aside to finish quilts and study statistics. Miss two more assignments because of not understanding even the instructions. My comprehension is not helped by the instructor's many typos (he may be ESL, that's fine, it still makes it hard to read) and the textbook's "clever" flavor text like "why is the demoninator n-1? the easy answer is, to make you crazy. There is a real answer, we'll get to in in a few chapters" and "humans are prone to errors in judgement. *Footnote: for example, here you are in chapter 13 still reading footnotes." I'm trying to just understand the flipping calculations, I feel like I understand the logic but the math is stumping me, but I'm good at math how am I getting a C in stats and worried about passing the damn class?

That went on for longer than I meant. Maybe it wouldn't be a bad thing to start journaling again. I'm moving the lists of accomplishments to their own post.
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Job App Tally: 9 since June 5th [Jun. 24th, 2011|11:58 pm]
According to my roommate, if you're "really trying" you're pumping out 10 a week, rather than my 3 a week. Still, I feel pretty good about my progress so far. I will have to pick up the pace in July, but I'm not really moving down yet, so it's a little awkward applying to jobs that I couldn't take for another 6 weeks. nonetheless, I'm going to self-publish my tally of 9 for the self-validation.
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Word count [Jun. 6th, 2011|11:05 pm]
This is a test to see how many words I can type per minute. I am timing myself for five minutes in order to get a good average, rather than just a rough guess. Maybe I should do this a few times since I seem to be nervous and making a lot of mistakes, but perhaps this is the best idea after all. Maybe I should also use longer and more impressive words, to not throw the count too far out of whack. Impetuous. Miraculous. Terribly torturously tremendous. I really like the Thirteen Clocks, there are so many good words in there. Tosspot. Tall Tale. wickedly scheming as he wandered down the halls. Importunately risen. Some people juggle geese. Robin Hood and his Merry Men. "Aviation in itself is not inherently dangerous. But to an even greater degree than the sea, it is terribly unforgiving of any carelessness, incapacity of neglect." My brother wanted that poster, and attempted to claim that he deserved it due to his occupation. I doubted him, and he demonstrated proof that he is in fact an engineer. His nametag says as much. My watchmaker’s cabinet is right below the Aviation poster. I truly feel that I should be able to fill it full of wonders and excitement, but somehow I have yet to do so. The Shakespeare Improv show was fun but I have to admit that i desire more from a production than silly people trying to be funny, I love structure and want an overall theme to go with the witty banter. It was too loose and sloppy. really? has the timer not gone off yet? this seems to be going on for quite some time . . . 
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(no subject) [Sep. 16th, 2010|06:23 pm]
Having a dreamy and surreal day off. I'm still not used to how much time i have now that it's only one job. Especially because it's odd time. and most of it is time that my friends don't have free. but still, new and interesting and time.

I should really go craft up that thing i've been putting off forever, but I think it's a reading day today.
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A crafter's reality check. [Aug. 15th, 2010|01:31 am]
Backstory: The New Years Resolutions . . .Collapse )

Up until June, there was progress, but also quite a bit of laziness. (The year is early, I'm doing fine, etc etc.) During the month of June, I was working 5 days a week at one job and 3 days a week at the other. During the month of July I tried to recover, moved, and went on two different vacations for the last ten days.

It is now halfway through the month of August. I have finished 10 assorted projects and one quilt top, one book (the other eleven are still just as close to being done as they were eight months ago) and three quilts. (I almost had to fight my mother for the second one. While at her house I unearthed a 39" square wall hanging that was quilted and even had the binding halfway sewn on, and immediately offered to finish it. She said no, it was small and easy and she just needed to get around to it, I really didn't have to. I said yes, it was small and easy and a cheap way to add to my quilt quota. She laughed, but agreed.)  I think that this is not at all a shabby turnout. I still have hopes for getting all 60 projects done by the end of the year, but I'm not entirely sure how possible that is. A good goal though . . . (Incidentally, if anyone reading this isn't already friends with me on facebook, I've been posting them to albums; 20-10 resolution and Another 20-10 Resolution.

I also may be renting a booth on Venice Pier, the local spot for artists to sell their stuff. My coworkers and I are thinking of going in on a booth, and I think it sounds like fun.
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(no subject) [May. 4th, 2010|07:46 pm]
not that I have the money for it, but I covet the Kindle. Big time. But if I can get an iPhone (or hell, since we're being imaginary anyways, an iPad) that will also read kindle books as well as make calls and surf the internets and all of that stuff, why would I get a kindle that just has one application? Kindles are $260, iPhones are between $200-300 plus the monthly cost of the phone bill and everything, and iPads are $500. Honestly, I'd rather pay twice as much for something that does way more than twice as many things (i.e. the kindle and the ipad), but i don't know if there;s something I'm missing. It's nice that the kindle isn't backlit, that's what bugs me most about reading on computer screens. hmm.
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General Update: [Apr. 30th, 2010|04:11 pm]
General update. Collapse )

Anyways, just generally updating. Hope everyone else is doing well.
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accomplishment of the day . . . [Mar. 24th, 2010|10:29 am]
I made my first omlette! it didn't fall apart or break in half or anything!

Here's hoping i don't get salmonella
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my productive day off [Mar. 2nd, 2010|09:48 pm]
I woke up before 9 this morning, which on a day off is pretty damn early for me. (in my defense, my coffeeshop closes at 11 during the week and midnight friday/saturday, so sometimes i get home pretty late from work.) I watched my netflix movie and put it in the mailbox BEFORE the mailman came, so it would get sent out today. then I watched the movie that a friend loaned me over a month ago so i can give it back to him before he moves. then i worked on a knitting project i've been putting off for a few weeks since it involves taking it all apart to undo the mistake three long rows ago. (and ariel, i do know about using a crochet hook to pull up stitches rather than frogging, but this was a mistake involving yarn overs and decreases and i wasn't quite sure i was confident enough to mess with that.) And then i finished the book i was reading. so i felt rather productive despite not leaving the couch for several hours.

then i found out that my friend mike and his girlfriend rachel weren't going to be able to go with me to the book signing of Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter tonight since rachel's sick. while i don't mind going alone, it seemed like the kind of thing that would be fun to do with friends. since my friends were all at work or in class, i called jesse and got the phone numbers of his friends paul and ashlen who i see when i hang out with jesse but haven't hung out with on my own yet. ashlen is sick (damn girlfriends) so they couldn't come, but i could tell they were both really flattered that i had thought of them and tried to include them. then i called my friend chandler from work (who was working tonight) and asked for his best friend jordan's number. jordan just got hired at coffee bean also, and on his first day we ended up talking ender's game, robert jordan's wheel of time series and how we both feel absolutely no need to read it, DND, and pancakes. so while i don't know him that well yet, i'm making some pretty safe assumptions that we'll be friends. he said he would have loved to come but he had plans for tonight and couldn't make it. I think he felt pretty spiffy that i'm counting him as a book geek friend, especially with a new job and new coworkers and everything. so that's kinda cool to have made the first overtures of friendship, even if it didn't work out. Avi might have been willing to come with me, but his girlfriend was going to come over tonight and wouldn't make it in time. (again girlfriends!! and she didn't even come in the end.)

and then i went to the vampire hunter book signing and asked 2 questions during the Q&A, and then got complimented by Seth Graham-Smith on my Inigo Montoya hoodie, which was way awesome.

so even tho most of my day was either spent on the couch or playing fruitless phone-tag, i still feel like i got a lot done today. all of the people that i called are people that i would like to see more, and even though tonight didn't work out (and i'm not really surprised, it was crazy short notice) i feel like i made some good starts with people. when i first moved down to LA i was sort of desperate for privacy and my own space, but now that i've been down for a while i'm realizing that what i'm missing right now from my life are friends who i can hang out with for a few hours and then part ways, rather than friends like hillary and jesse who are amazing but sort of all-day commitments. it's nice to feel liek i'm making new friends, even if they're friends of pre-existing friends.
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